About Dark Erotic 3D

Dark Erotic 3D is where I share my erotic stories and art with you. My journey started many years ago. In order to give form to my ideas and fantasies, I first took pencil to paper. Specifically, I found my early inspirations in the amazing work of other fantasy artists like Paolo Serpieri, Alfonso Azpiri, Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, and Olivia De Berardinis.

At first, I allowed my ideas to flourish in private. Over time, I discovered the rich culture of digitally created adult art online. I was encouraged by what I saw… A community of other artists with a passion for giving form to the most sensual aspects of fantasy art. Eventually, what began as a private past-time for me developed into Dark Erotic 3D.

I use a variety of digital tools to create my images and games including: Daz3D, Blender, Quixel, Substance Painter, GIMP, Unreal Engine. Developing new ideas is a lot of fun, and I’m always looking to improve my work. I hope you enjoy the experience and thank you for your support.


The Back End

Hi! I’m no artist, but I do enjoy the art and stories of Dark Erotic 3D, much as you do. I found this studio while searching for dark fantasy with themes to get my pussy pulsing and my imagination racing. As a result, I just HAD to be a part of it!

Pendavos was trying to do everything DE3D related by himself and could see that it was just too much for one artist to do. I jumped up and down like Teya and Alikira on those juicy cocks at the opportunity to join and be a part of the back end management.
Don’t be surprised if you hear from me in our newsletters, social media posts, and in personal messages. Pendavos and I work closely together to ensure your experience is great. If it’s not, we want to know! Above all, don’t hesitate to message us here or send a direct email to [support (at) darkerotic3d (dot) com].
~Vannea ♥
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